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“Anything about Africans with Africans”

“Anything about Africans with Africans”

Established on the 11 of November 2014 by Khutso Evelyn Modiselle and Tracy Wamucii the intentions of the African Union Chapter are geared towards collaboration with African youth within Higher Education Institutions, to appropriate the values of the pan-African and African Renaissance. These values include democracy, human rights, the promotion of gender and youth rights and equality, and the fight for equality as well as the economic, social and political unity and stability for Africans. The University of Cape Town African Union Chapter is the first African Union Chapter in African Higher Education Institutions. However, the African Union Chapter aims to establish clubs across Africa’s Higher Education Institution.

The youth is one of Africa’s major resources.  They represent its potential for the future. As they are however, a group that also faces many challenges such as youth unemployment and social related problems. The lack of personal and professional development perspectives for the youth has created high levels of social disaffection in many African countries and a ghettoization of marginalized youth in many areas. This is a disadvantage for the youth and for Africa as a whole.

A greater understanding and knowledge of youth is of paramount importance for policy making to address the challenges they face. Nothing about the youth can be changed without the youth. In order to meet the needs and expectations of the youth, policies should be based on comprehensive knowledge and well-researched understanding of the youth’s situation, needs and expectations. A knowledge based approach to policy development is particularly imperative in the context of rapidly evolving realities and permanently fluctuating circumstances of younger generations in Africa. Unquestionably, youth research plays a vital role in generating knowledge and understanding in the aid of youth policy development.

The youth is  rising  but  with  little  or  no  support  from  their  elders  and leaders. There is little partnership done among the youth and African governments to find solution for youth and African problems as a whole. There are individuals and groups from different backgrounds all fighting for the same cause but doing so separately. Due to the lack of resources, space and human capacity in Africa there is a high need for cooperation, support and skills.  There is a need for youth; organizations, businesses and governments need to come together to create a space whereby the youth of Africa can work towards finding solutions to the problems they face.
Acting as an implementation agent, the Africa Union Chapter will create a platform in collaboration with other partners to implement the solutions brought forward by its research filed.