– Any higher learning institution may, at any time notify the Chapter of its intention to establish a African Union Club and to be admitted as a member of the Chapter.

– The Chapter shall upon receipt of the notification send the relevant documentation regarding the establishment of the Club to the institution this includes but not limited to a Memorandum of Understanding that will govern the relationship between the Chapter and the Club and the founding document of the Chapter,

– Members shall pay a membership fee annually before the 1 of November 14:00 South African time that contributes to the budget of running the Chapter and supporting the Clubs which will be determined by the Board of Directors.

– Every club will keep an up-to-date record of it members and regularly transmit details to all levels which will be submitted annually to the Chapter

– Members who fail to pay their membership fee for a period of 2 months and have been reminded of their lapse will not be regarded as members in good standing and sanctions may be imposed on them that will be determined by the Board of Directors.

If any of the regional, provincial and university teams/committees come to power through unconstitutional means shall not be allowed to participate in the activities of the Chapter and further disciplinary action will be taken by the Board of Directors.

Rights and duties of Members

Members shall have the right to

– Take a full and active part in the discussion, formulation and implementation of the policies of the Chapter
– Have the right to create their own constitution that should be inline with the Chapters constitution and the African Union Constitutive Act.
– Receive and import information on all aspects of the Chapter and the African Union policies and activities
– Offer constructive criticism of any member, official, decision, policy, programme, activity or process and procedure of the Chapter within its structures
– Submit proposals or statements to the Chapter and its Clubs

Members have the duty to

– Be part of and take part in the chapters activities, projects and programs
– To pay its annual membership fee
– Submit but not limited to quarterly organizational, political and financial report to the SG and Chair of the international team to allow for accountability, transparency and effectiveness of the Chapter
– Submit up-to-date membership report annually
– Host annual general conferences at the university level, provincial (hosted by provincial team), national (hosted by the national team) and regional (hosted by the regional team) that will lead to the international conference hosted by the international team
– Take all the necessary steps to understand and carry out the aims, objectives, policies and programmes of the Chapter – Deepen their understanding of the social, political, economical and cultural problems of Africa
– Understand and advocate for Agenda 2063 and its implementation
– Observe discipline, behave honestly and loyally; and carry out the decision of the majority and higher body.

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