This section of the document discusses in detail of the strategic programmes that will be used to assist the Chapter and its Clubs in development. This includes a capacity development model and approaches to managing knowledge, mainstreaming crosscutting outcomes and promoting synergy and coordination with key stakeholders.

It also describes the direction the Grants Programme will take to strengthen and mobilize the African Union Clubs to engage in the Chapters objectives, development of Africa and implementation of Agenda 2063.

Capacity Development

Capacity Development also know as the locally driven process of learning, coalitions and other agents of change that brings about change to socio-political, policy-related and organizational factors to enhance local ownership for and the effectiveness and efficiency of efforts to achieve development goals of Africa as indicated in Agenda 2063. Increasing the capacity for development is by extension, continues process of socio-political, policyrelated and organizational change that is driven primarily by changes in how knowledge and information is applied at various levels of society through learning.

The Chapter will facilitate and support this change process in pursuit of its mission and mandate to support the African Union Clubs signed with the Chapter. The Chapter takes pride and adheres to the principles that capacity development is as broadly as a developmental process that takes place over time, each step or stage building on the one before or at times overlapping and the steps repeating themselves in a cyclical, upwardly spiraling manner in response to internal and external influences.

The Chapter will facilitate this process by:

– Increase and facilitate agreements regarding the need to enhance capacity in order to achieve development goals;
– Strengthening individual competencies, organizational processes, structures and systems.
Improve application of capacities; improve implementation of processes, structures, and systems to enhance performance.
– Enhance regulatory support for new systems; culture of continuous improvement; increase the ability of enabling environment to support and sustain development.
– Develop Mainstreaming cross cutting outcome areas that will be mainstreamed in the design and implementation of the Chapter’s projects and activates. This includes: 1. Enhancing the relevance of the African Union and implementation of Agenda 2063, 2. Enhance the relevance of the mission, vision, core values and objectives of the Chapter. 3. Enhance the relevance of projects undertaken by governments, youth and other developmental organizations in Africa to create the Africa we want.

Grant Programme

The intention of the Chapters Grant Programme I geared towards contributing to sustainable development in context of African development that will be delivered under the two intermediate outcomes of the Chapters Logic Model. The programme will broker knowledge and ideas. It will support innovation, share replicable and sustainable models, and promote good practices across African youth.

Objectives of the Grant Programmes

– To be responsive to the developmental needs of African Union Clubs signed under the Chapter.
– To generate knowledge and understanding of the Chapters objectives and its benefits in promoting effective, responsive and accountable governance within the Chapter by supporting models of good practice. This will be promoted through systematic monitoring and evaluation.

Grant Programme Committee

Will provide oversight to the Chapter’s Grant Programme through the Fundraising and Strategic Committee with the Finance and Budget Committee that will receive application and reports on grants collected by the Chapter from the Clubs. It will be called upon to make decisions on grant applications, interviews and approvals. It will also provide input to the development of the grant-making strategy and regularly reviews policy.

Grant Model

It will fund activities and projects of African Union Clubs signed under the Chapter. 10% of the total grant award will fund the committee for monitoring, evolution and learning elements of this whole process. To promote sustainability, grant applications will be encouraged to seek co-founding and provide a counterpart to support the funding requested from the Chapter incase their application is not approved or fully approved.

Grant Streams

The Grant Programme has two main grant streams, which align with and support the Chapter’s two intermediate outcomes.

– Enhanced capacity of African Union Clubs to collaborate with each other and engage in the Chapters objectives.
– Increased collaboration and learning between the African Union Clubs and other institutions.
– The Programme will be particularly supportive of proposals that are inline with the mainstream crosscutting outcome area in their project design. Founding will respond to applications received in response to calls for applications announced via the Chapters website and supporting channels.

Grant Programme Annual Review

Will be reviewed on a yearly basis during the Chapters annual planning cycle to ensure that it remains responsive to the needs of the African Union Clubs and remains aligned with the Chapters outcome areas.